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Portopiccolo Sistiana is environmentally sustainable

A choice for the future

Portopiccolo Sistiana is environmentally sustainable

A choice for the future
Innovative and deeply connected to it sterritory, where tradition meets modernity.

The entire Portopiccolo complex was built using only inert materials from the ex limestone quarry of Sistiana where it is located. The goal was to redevelop that part of the landscape around the bay in the province of Trieste and also respect the environment.

In fact, all of the Portopiccolo Home properties do not require the consumption of natural gas, do not produce CO2, and guarantee the highest level of comfort due to their A and A+ ratings. Furthermore, this complex is accessible for everyone and very safe.

Class A houses

Proud to be green

The most advanced construction techniques, the use of renewable energy sources like the marine geothermal plant for air conditioning, and controlled mechanical ventilation guarantee that the houses in Portopiccolo have the highest energy ratings. These features provide great advantages for the environment, while also ensuring a considerable reduction in consumption.


Getting around Portopiccolo is eco-friendly

Convenient and accessible

There are no limits or barriers in Portopiccolo. The properties are accessible through roads without stairs and a system of elevators will allow residents to reach the apartments located on the highest levels of the natural amphitheater. You’ll leave your car in the convenient private parking areas to explore the village on foot, with electric vehicles, or from your boat, suspended on the blue sea.  

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